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New chain drive barrel assembly unit for Ranger drive units

A range of unsprung chain drive barrel assemblies is now available from GfA UK. The full turnkey packages include end plates, mounting brackets, fully assembled chain drive barrels, Timmer safety brakes and are powered by our Ranger drive units.

Designed by the GfA technical team

Ideal solution for car parks

Previously, barrel assemblies were only possible for our direct drives such as tube motors and Safedrive®. The new chain drive option comes as a result of our technical team working to meet customers’ requests.

The chain drive arrangement allows the drive to be mounted inboard facilitating a between walls fix. This means customers can use the system where site conditions don’t allow a direct drive to be used, such as car park applications with limited side clearance.

The Ranger chain drive barrel assembly design allows rapid site installation due to the unique barrel retention system which makes use of our proven barrel assembly drive end kit originally developed for our DLA Fire shutter drive packages. Using a stepped drive end shaft to which is fitted a bearing held in place by a circlip, the bearing then locates in to the bearing holder and is held in position by a spring rod retainer, allowing the barrel assembly to be dropped in to place and secured. The system incorporates drive chain tensioning slots on the "Top Hat" mounting bracket allowing our 32rpm and 48rpm Ranger drive units to be mounted either horizontally or vertically. For high opening speed shutters or high usage single phase applications the system can also be fitted with the 80rpm Ranger FI drive unit.

Selection chart available from GfA UK Ltd

Four barrel sizes (101.6mm x 3.7mm, 127mm x 3.2mm, 139.7mm x 3.2mm and 168.3mm x 5mm) and four Ranger drive units (Ranger 90, Ranger 90W, Ranger 150 and Ranger 140Fi) are available, allowing doors up to 6m wide x 6m high to be driven, including high-usage doors.
The correct combination of drive and barrel assembly can be chosen from the selection charts available from GfA UK.
All Ranger drive units are compatible with our range of TS control panels and interconnecting cables allowing a complete ‘plug and play’ solution. You can find out more about the benefits of our Ranger drives here.
At a glance
  • End plates and safety brake included
  • 4 barrel sizes available
  • Use with 4 Ranger drive units (including the high speed Ranger Fi)
  • Easy-fit
  • High frequency doors up to 6m x 6m
  • Ideal for ‘tight-fit’ applications

    500mm square plate now available for Safedrive®

    The new 500mm square plate for Safedrive® eliminates the need for customers to make their own plates in the rare cases where our standard 406mm plate is not big enough for the application. And it gives you the extra reassurance that our technical team have specified and calculated all the load requirementsand had the relevant stress testsconducted, so that the plates are correctly engineered.
    The 500mm plate can be used with Safedrive® motors from 350Nm to 650Nm.
    For help to spec the right solution for your application, please contact our Technical sales team on 01926 452452
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