Best graduates in the Dusseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce area

Düsseldorf, 2nd October 2015. Once more in 2015 trainees from GfA are among the best graduates in the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce area.


Trainees Malte Schilling and Fabian Kellener were both award winners. They are therefore part of the group of 254 graduates who graduated with the "Very good" final grade. In all 5,121 trainees passed their exams in the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce area. The prize was awarded by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner, President of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce.



In the last three and a half years both graduates have undergone training to become technical product designers in the field of machinery and plant engineering. Technical product designers accompany the development of a product from conception through to serial production. As a result the focus is on construction and product documentation. In order to gain an additional comprehensive insight into all areas relevant for their later career, they worked in different areas of the company. They were able to acquire experience in the manufacturing of products in production and assembly. Working in the field service gave an impression of the different places where GfA products are used. In prototyping / tool manufacturing the manufacture of test equipment and devices, as well as trials with prototypes are the focus. In order processing finally the processes from ordering through to dispatch to the customer are learned.


"We are proud of our trainees' achievements", explained Dr. Jörn Böhl, CEO at GfA. "Nine trainees have successfully completed their training in five different professions. All GfA trainees who completed their training in 2015 have shown a very good grasp, high willingness to learn and a high degree of commitment during their time of training. This has paid off. They all finished with good results. Special praise goes especially to two of our best. We are very proud of these exam results and we are pleased that we can strengthen our construction team with immediate effect."



Both have already taken on responsible roles and will contribute to numerous new developments at GfA in the coming years. Mr Schilling has just finished his own first construction project, an adapter for ELEKTROMATEN manual operation. Mr Kellener is involved in a project for safe and efficient control of assembly operations. He is planning monitoring processes and is significantly involved in the hardware selection and procurement of sensors and processing units for zero error management and for traceability.



A vocational course in the area of mechanical engineering or electrical engineering is being considered by both of them.




Article from the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce


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