Compact and powerful

The new ELEKTROMATEN® SE 8.60 FI goes on sale.

The ELEKTROMATEN SE 8.60 FI is the first drive unit with the new compact SG40 gearbox. The new drive unit for weight-compensated sectional doors is characterised by the following unique features:


  • Extremely compact one-box design (gearbox and motor in one housing) ()
  • Integrated frequency inverter for adjustable output speeds from 12 to 60 min-1 ()
  • Single-plug connection system (XES) for fast commissioning without wiring effort ()
  • Integrated emergency manual operation "rapid hand chain operator" () with optionally retrofittable shifter cable ()

The new drive unit with integrated, digital limit switch DES can be operated with GfA door controls TS 970, TS 971 and TS 981. The newly developed XES single-plug connection system simplifies electrical installation on the drive side. There is no need to loosen screws and remove covers. The assembly time decreases.

Dimensions and mounting

The new SE 8.60 FI offers a very compact design (). With a total weight of 9 kg, it is the lightest ELEKTROMATEN in the GfA range of products. The drive unit has a hollow shaft of 25.4 mm. The positive-locking connection to the door shaft can be implemented by using key variants () available separately. Four M8 threaded holes are available on the housing for mounting the drive unit. Two varying torque brackets can be used for adaptation to the door design ().

Emergency Manual operation

The drive unit has an integrated emergency manual operation "rapid hand chain operator" with a chain length of 1 m (). Extension sets with chain lengths from 2 m to 10 m are available (). A red rotary switch in hexagonal form (SW15) on the lower side of the housing serves to activate the emergency manual operation.
A shifter cable easy to retrofit enables the activation of the emergency manual operation even without a tool from operator leve (). The shifter cable is available in three different lengths.

Connection cables

The new single-plug connection system (XES) has been specially developed for the SG40 series and the first ELEKTROMATEN SE 8.60 FI equipped with this gearbox series. On the drive side, a single plug replaces the previously used separate mains plugs for limit switch and motor (). The digital limit switch integrated in the drive unit () allows the omission of an externally accessible connection space in favour of more compact housing dimensions. Plug-and-Play enables a time-saving electrical installation without any disassembly. The new XES connection cables are available as usual in various lengths from 3 up to 35 meters ().

Replacement for drive units SE 6.65 DU und SE 6.80 FI

Due to its characteristics, the new ELEKTROMATEN SE 8.60 FI () is technically and economically superior to the proven sectional-door drive units SE 6.65 DU and SE 6.80 FI (). Therefore, we recommend changing to the new product for the same or similar applications. Both variants with SG50 gearbox remain in the GfA product range. Besides, they are used when a gear release is needed ().


The new ELEKTROMATEN SE 8.60 FI including the technical documentation can be found on the GfA product site.


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