Door Control TS 981 - New Software Version 3.0

New software and hardware adaption


The hardware adaptation for the door control TS 981 () has been implemented to meet the requirements of the upcoming amendment to EN 124531). Among other elements, an additional contactor is installed to realise an independent shutdown option (). The door control also receives the new software version 3.0. The TS 981 is thus also provided with cross-fault monitoring functions2), which have already been incorporated into other GfA products () since the end of 2019.


Technical background of the adjustments

The safety functions implemented in the door control must at least correspond to performance level c (PLc) according to EN ISO 13849-1. This means that the safety devices connected to the door control, such as pass-door switches () and slack-rope switches (), require monitoring for cross faults. This is achieved by a resistor evaluation according to the following overview.

With respect to the hardware and apart from the contactors, the interface X2 for door safety switches is also changed. It will have a resistor evaluation option analogous to the TS-B door controls. A resistor of 5kΩ is now expected on terminals X2.1 and X2.2. The resistor () is factory-installed instead of a wire link (). If the resistor is not applied (e.g. in the case of a line short circuit, fault with the connected door safety switches or an open safety circuit due to a triggered slack-rope or pass-door switch), operating the door is not possible. A
corresponding fault indication is displayed. To differentiate visually between the new and old door controls, the colour of the plugs installed on X2 will be changed from green to black ().

The TS 981 is also provided with the new software version 3.0. The version is printed on the name plate. The new software version is used only to implement the change to resistor evaluation. The range of functions and the operation of the door controls remain unchanged.


The new TS 981 will be successively introduced starting 09/2022.
The part numbers remain unchanged.


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1) EN 12453:2017, probably soon to be replaced by EN 12453:2022
2) A cross fault refers to the unintended, faulty connection between two redundant circuits.

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