Fair 2018 – Positive Summary

The summary of this year's R+T in Stuttgart is very positive. The five-day leading fair could impress with numerous highlights once again. Here are some novelties from the GfA stand.


New SG40 series gear and first SE 8.60 FI drive unit
The SE 8.60 FI was presented as first drive unit with the new SG40 gearbox. The new drive concept, with which an innovation prize was won in 2015, was now presented as a production version for the first time. The compact design – also with integrated frequency converter, excellent running characteristics and the new XES connection concept, where there is no need to remove covers – enjoyed high recognition from the trade fair audience. The first 1,000 units are planned for delivery this year. From 2019, it will be possible to meet the demand. Additional information can be found here:


A three-phase version (SE 8.22), an AC version (SE 5.18 WS) and an additional version with freqency inverter, but with a higher speed range up to 120 rpm (4.120 FI) is still in planning. The following technical data provide more details


Other new drive sizes
The new drive sizes SI 10.15 (SG63F series drive unit) and SI 65.10 and SI 65.15 (SG85F series drive unit) have been created. The new sizes complete the standard programme for three-phase drive units with integrated safety brake.


New prototypes for fire doors
New solution concepts were presented for fire-door FS drive units. The prototype drive units shown can be used as direct mount drives due to their design with combined worm / planetary gears. This allows a narrower door design and gives access to the large GfA accessories pool for worm gears. A possible series production is being tested.


ELEKTROMATEN and door controls for the North American market
GfA has been offering drive solutions with UL approval for the North American market for many years. This covers a wide range of direct mount drives with safety brake (SI), chain drives (KE) and sectional door drive units (SE). Solutions with integrated freqency inverters are also available. It was the first time that the complete product line was presented at R+T with its own section. The available drive sizes largely correspond to those available on the European market, but explicitly meet the requirements of ANSI/CAN/UL 325 and C22.2 No. A new door control system is currently being produced for the North American market. The UL approval is planned for this year.

Chain tensioner UKS 12-20 as winner of the R+T Innovation Prize
The universal chain tensioner 12-20, unlike conventional solutions, does not require a fixed point on the wall or on the door design. It is simply installed in the chain and can be used for different chain sizes. The wrapping circumference of the sprockets is increased to ensure even distribution of the load over a higher number of effective teeth. Chain elongation due to wear is compensated automatically. This simplifies maintenance work considerably as there is no need to retighten the chain regularly. The flexibility of this solution is unique. These properties have also impressed the expert jury of the R+T – the product received an Innovation Prize. Read more here.

After-sales Services
A central task of this year's fair presentation was to make the after-sales services of GfA even more popular. The services of the GfA-Portal, the customer area of GfA, were presented at the four info terminals with touchscreens. Among other things, installation instructions in 18 languages are available for download and customers can track their orders. You can also register for the documents "Technical Information" and "Service Information", which will inform you regularly about new GfA products and their application. With the clear and proactive presentation, further customers could be convinced of the benefits of the GfA-Portal. Registration is possible directly via the homepage of the Portal.


Also the functions of the GfA-Stick and the GfA+ App were presented again as combined tools for reading and managing data of the door controls TS 959, TS 970 or TS 971. The app has now been upgraded as an extension with an error guide. The error guide determines possible causes of identified errors in the drive system at the door and gives concrete recommendations for their rectification. The updated app has been available in stores for Android or Apple mobile devices for about one week.


A test version of the GfA Chatbot ISA (Intelligent Service Assistant) was presented as another innovation. Chatbots are dialogue systems that can communicate with people in their natural language (see also "Siri" or "Alexa"). The user can contact the chatbot via an input and output screen. The chatbot generates the answers via an existing database. The chatbot can answer questions of users with text and voice messages, images, videos and links to assist in service requests. The trade fair was an opportunity to test the system with potential users and to immediately ask for their satisfaction. The feedback in situ was very positive. After evaluation of the survey results, a decision will be made whether the concept will be pursued further.


Thank you very much!
We thank all customers and visitors for the great interest, the intensive dialogue and the comprehensive feedback on the GfA’s products and services. Together with you the fair was a big success.


We look forward to the
R+T 2021.

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