GfA+ App with fault guide

A fault guide has been added with the latest update of the GfA+ App. This will further simplify the structured troubleshooting at the door.

The fault guide determines possible causes of identified faults in the drive system at the door and gives concrete recommendations for rectification.


View the complete fault guide on your Smartphone ...


... or only the recommendations for faults actually stored after reading from the door control (applies to TS 959, TS 970 and TS 971).


The updated GfA+ App is available in stores for Android or Apple mobile devices.


What are GfA+ App and GfA-Stick?

The free GfA+ App was developed for setting and maintenance work on the door system. Together with the GfA-Stick, the app allows reading and viewing important data from the GfA door controls TS 959, TS 970 and TS 971. Among other things, software status, connected hardware, programmed settings, recent actions and stored error logs can be displayed on a smartphone. Efficient diagnostics of the door operator equipment becomes thus possible. With an optional registration on the GfA portal these data can also be transferred via Internet into the TS Data Cloud. There you can access the structured data at any time, without limitation. An integrated search and filter function allows the comfortable data management. They can be filtered, for instance, by readout date or location of the door. A group function also allows the monitoring of different doors and locations as well as the co-ordinated and personal access to the data. Furthermore, the GfA after-sales service can log by request into the data records which you have recorded if they have been uploaded to the portal. If necessary we can guide you directly by phone when working at the door.


Fault guide also as PDF document

In addition to the integrated solution in the GfA+ App, the fault guide is also available as a pdf document. Download it in the product section directly from the respective door control or in the download section of our website in other languages.


Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the fault guide, the GfA+ App or the GfA Stick? Please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.



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