GfA Catalogue 2023

The new GfA catalogue is online.

The new GfA product catalogue has been released. It includes the following changes.


  • The GfA company information has been updated (). Two added pages provide information on GfA gearbox types and products for special requirements.
  • Technical data and drawings have been updated. Due to normative requirements, movements/h were changed to cycles/h (). The latest installation instructions and drawings are now available for download on our website ③.



SG115F: SI 60.55 FI (), SI 75.20 FI ()
SG186F: SI 260.12 FI, SI 360.12 FI ()


  • The SI 13.100 FI drive unit now has a brake on the motor instead of on the gearbox.
  • The option of the rotated frequency-inverter motor has been added.



  • FI drive units::
    The option of the rotated frequency-inverter motor has been added ().

Sectional-door-drive ELEKTROMATEN SE

  • SG40: the SE 8.60 FI drive unit is now supplied as standard with shifter cable and 4 m circumferential chain ()
  • SG50: the SE 14.21 WS drive unit was added ().
  • SG50: the option of the rotated frequency-inverter motor has been added.
  • SG50: the TSE 5.24 WS drive unit () with integrated hold-to-run control T 801 is no longer listed in the catalogue. Alternatively, we recommend the SE 5.24 drive unit in combination with the TS 959 door control ().

Sliding-door-drive ELEKTROMATEN ST

Folding-door-drive ELEKTROMATEN FT


ATEX drive units

  • The drive units with the Ex-e T3 () and Ex-de T4 () types of protection have been equipped with new electric motors.


  • The SI 55.12 Ex-de safedrive unit has been added ().
  • The KE 40.24 chain drive unit becomes KE 35.24 ().
  • The door controls () for Ex drive units have been adapted to the new electric motors. The design is based on the motor protection switches on the drive unit.

Fire-protection drives FS

  • The drive units now have new spur gears (). Special intermediate plates () are available to adapt the new drive units to existing door designs.
  • FS drive units are now listed that work with a higher output speed when triggered.
  • An optional switching sensor () allows the evaluation of the universal brake’s operating status.
  • The matching sprockets and chains for the FS drive units () have been


Safety brakes FG

Door controls TS

  • The hold-to-run door control WS 900 with two contactors () has been flagged as discontinued as it no longer conforms to standards. This unit is only available as a spare part. The variant with three contactors remains available as a standard item.
  • Variants of the TS 971 door control are now available with 1,000 mA DC for external devices (). The TS 971 door control now only has one UBS connecting
  • The TS 981 door control with software 3.0 now also meets the requirements of the current EN 12453 standard ().
  • The dock-leveller control LB 700 () is now only available as a variant without a control device for the ELEKTROMATEN TSE 5.24 WS.

Accessories ZB

  • The chapter has been extensively revised and completed in the range of safety edges ().
  • Spiral cables with kink protection () and increased protection for special requirements () have been added to the OSE optical safety edges. These spiral cables have acid or oil-resistant lines, an additional fastening for the line and venting of the door junction box.
  • The universal control unit 690 () for electric and pneumatic safety edges enabling door operation in self-hold close in combination with the WS 900 reverse contactor control is now only available as a spare part due to lack of conformity to standards. This control is no longer listed in the catalogue.



The catalogue is available for download here.


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