GfA Cataloque 2020

The new GfA catalogue is online.


The main modifications and enhancements are described below:

General Information

  • Technical data and drawings have been updated. Current installation instructions and installation drawings are available for download on the respective product pages.



  • The SG186F series for large loads has been expanded to include additional sizes  () ergänzt.
  • The following AC drives are new: SI 260.5 (part no.: 10005218), SI 260.9 (part no.: 10005217), SI 360.5 (part no.: 10005216) and SI 360.9 (part no.: 10005215). All new drive units have a Ø 80 mm hollow shaft.

Sectional-door-drive ELEKTROMATEN SE

  • The ELEKTROMAT SE 8.60 FI (part no.: 10004398) () was added as the first drive unit with the new compact SG40 gearbox.
  • The KG50 series has been expanded to include the AC drives SE 5.15 (part no.: 10004343) and SE 5.20 (part no.: 10004313) ().
  • The AC drive SE 9.20 WS () is now also available with a gear release mechanism (part no.: 10005175).


Safety brakes FG

  • The safety brake FG 40 () is now also available with a Ø 31.75 mm hollow shaft, both as a standard version (part no.: 10004064.00001) and for use in potentially explosive areas (10005266.00001).

Doors controls TS

  • The accessories for the door controls TS 970, TS 971 and TS 981 have been supplemented by the XES connection cable (). This is required for connecting the new sectional-door-drive ELEKTROMATEN SE 8.60 FI. A special feature of the XES connection cable is a single plug () on the drive side, instead of the separate plug for the limit switch and motor. Like the previous NES and DES connection cables, the XES connection cable is available in different lengths.
  • A new adapter (part no.: 30005855) () now enables the operation of single phase FI-ELEKTROMATEN drive units on power networks with 3 ~ 230 volts, without having to rewire the FIs drive units. The adapter is inserted between the connection cable and the MOT socket of the door control. The adapter has been added to the connection kits for the door controls.

Accessories ZB

  • Control device no. 39 aP (part no.: 40018197) () now looks like control device no. 31 aP (part no.: 40015034).
  • Addition of door safety switches1) (slack-rope switch () and pass-door switch () 1)) to meet the standard EN 12453:2017 2)).
  • The product range of the UPS devices was modified. UPS devices of type A (part no.: 20003219.00004) () and type B (part no.: 20003219.00012) () are now available



  • Yearly timer (part no.: 30002464) () in addition to the weekly timer (part no.: 30002255).
  • Addition of an IR remote control (part no.: 40015924) () for the radar detector Herkules 2 (part no.: 40015923).
  • Addition of the torque brackets for the new SG40 gearbox series (part nos.: 30005807 () + 30005808 ()).
  • Addition of shaft C with Ø 80 mm (part no.: 30005905) ().




The catalogue is available for download here.


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1) Expected to be available from mid 2020.

2) EN 12453: 2017: Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates - Safety in use of power operated doors - Requirements and test methods

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