GfA Fundraiser 2021

The year 2021 was very challenging. Despite the positive signs, the pandemic was not over as quickly as initially believed. Many restrictions have remained and some have even been strengthened recently.

The cancellation of the industry's leading trade fair R + T in Stuttgart - important also for us - is just one of many examples that affect us all.


Nevertheless, we are very grateful that medical research has succeeded in developing effective vaccines in record time to protect people. We hope that this will bring life closer to normal in all areas.


As late as December 2020, it was still unclear how demand in the market for door drives would develop due to the pandemic situation. However, the beginning of 2021 saw an unexpectedly sharp increase in global demand for GfA products. At the same time, the industry is confronted with a variety of bottlenecks of unknown proportions in the procurement of raw materials and components. Even our capable procurement management could not prevent extended standard delivery times for our door drives. We have asked for your understanding in this regard and thank you for your patience. We work hard to minimise the impact on your business. During this time, honesty and transparency in information had top priority as they are the basis for good business relationships and joint development of solutions.


Besides the important topics in our industry, we face other challenges worldwide that are looking for solutions. These are challenges that particularly affect people. This is exactly where our donations come into effect that support selected aid organisations throughout the year.


In addition to the well-known donation partners, we have decided this year to help those suffering from the flood disaster in the Ahr valley and the surrounding area. The flood of 14/15 July 2021 caused massive damage and suffering. To repair the damage and help the people affected, we supported a total of five reconstruction projects with significant financial resources.


Below you will find the organisations we support and their goals.



The funds of the Fanconi-Anämie-Stiftung are used as defined in the foundation's purpose to help people who are suffering from Fanconi anaemia. The foundation supports and promotes finding better diagnostic and treatment options for Fanconi anaemia as well as scientific and medical research. An important objective is also informing, advising and supporting affected children and their families.


Düsseldorfer Tafel e.V.

The Düsseldorf Tafel e.V. advocates that no plate remains empty by distributing food that no one else needs any longer. The charity organisation collects surplus food to provide low-income families with a healthy and balanced diet at no charge. Düsseldorfer Tafel e.V. cooperates with retailers and producers that supply produce no longer saleable but still of impeccable quality.


Neusser Tafel e.V.

The Neusser Tafel have committed themselves to collect rejected produce that is still suitable for consumption and pass it on to the appropriate authorities. These food items represent an additional support for the most deprived citizens of Neuss. The supply area covers the cities of Kaarst, Korschenbroich, Meerbusch and Neuss. The charity organisation supplies the collected food to about 300 households every week and to other facilities such as refugee shelters and day-care centres.


Himmelblaue Traumfabrik

The association was founded in 2013. The objective of the association is to help children and adolescents who live in real poverty quickly and efficiently. “Make children smile” is the slogan of the association’s founders.


Die Elterninitiative Kinderkrebsklinik e.V.

Concerned parents, nurses and doctors founded the Elterninitiative Kinderkrebsklinik e.V. (parents initiative for a children's cancer hospital) in 1979. One major concern of the initiative is to facilitate the often very long stay of children and adolescents in the Children's Cancer Hospital Düsseldorf. The organization has realised many activities and events.


Ärzte ohne Grenzen e. V.

Ärzte ohne Grenzen helps to provide medical care to people in need and to alleviate their suffering, if local health authorities are no longer functioning due to natural disasters or man-made crises.


Donations for flood relief


Aktion Deutschland hilft


Flood relief for the Ahr valley


"NRW helps"-campaign


Kreis Euskirchen - Hochwasser 2021


Eschweiler sticks together - flood relief 2021


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