GfA Website in Spanish

As of September 2018, the GfA website is also available in Spanish.

This provides numerous advantages for Spanish-speaking users, such as the intuitive product search with stored catalogue sheets, drawings and installation instructions or the download page with a complete catalogue and all certificates.


The three latest company news items are now displayed on the home page and chronologically sorted on the news page. You can reach our local sales partners in Spain or the responsible colleagues at the location in Düsseldorf by accessing out contact page.


The GfA-Portal has been available in Spanish already since 2014. For example, you can access installation instructions for the desired product on the portal after registering. The information media "Technical Information" and "Service Information" are also available. Both services inform you regularly about changes and improvements of GfA products or describe individual functions to assist you with installation, operation and maintenance. The TS Data Cloud allows also convenient management of data read-outs from TS door controls using GfA+ App and smartphone. The information is available on the portal in a structured, permanent and unlimited form.


Do you have any questions or suggestions about the new Spanish website? Please approach our Spanish-speaking contacts.



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