Lifting skyway into position

An enclosed skyway of steel and glass was put in place last Saturday as part of the new company Headquarters.

It only took 30 minutes to connect the new office building and the new assembly hall (intended, among others, for the assembly of the new SG40 ELEKTROMATEN).

The management of the company and representatives of the Vollack Group, the partner for the conception and implementation of the extension, came to watch the placement of the skyway in the closed Wiesenstraße. Many guests and onlookers saw the spectacle as well.

The exact positioning and assembly of the 20-tonnes and 14-metre long skyway demanded precision work. Initially, two mobile cranes had to lift the steel and glass construction from the low-loader. The skyway was then lifted precisely between the two buildings and securely bolted in place.


"The expansion of our corporate headquarters continues with the installation of the skyway between the two new buildings. This is an important milestone in our company history", said Dr Jörn Böhl, Managing Director of GfA. The project is scheduled for completion in summer 2018. About 5,400 square metres of gross floor space will then be ready for occupation: a multi-storey office building with a parking area on the basement level, a hall for research + development and one for assembly.

Thanks to the new connection, GfA employees will in future be able to move back and forth directly and quickly between office building and assembly hall. Next month, a second skyway will connect the old administration building with the new assembly hall.


The work is progressing - we keep you posted.


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