New UL Door Control DC 8010

DC 8010 is a multi-functional door control for the operation of GfA door drive units recognized by UL and specially developed for the requirements of the North American market.

A wide range of functions, extensive connection options and various delivery variants enable flexible use on a wide variety of roller, high-speed, lifting or sectional doors ().


DC 8010 () can be used with all UL ELEKTROMATEN® that have digital limit switches and 3-phase current () – or frequency inverter (FI) motors (). The required voltage can be easily adjusted using plug-in wire links.

The new UL door control DC 8010 is available in four versions. This enables assembly tailored to your requirements and perfectly matching your door project.


New connection cables adapted to DC 8010 are also available. These cables have been rated according to AWG - American Wire Gauge - and are also recognized by UL. The limit switch and motor are each connected with a separate cable. The specification of the cables allows diverse types of Routing1) . In combination with the UL recognized ELEKTROMATEN, complete door drive systems are available for North America.


The new door control DC 8010 is available from 07/2022.

The catalogue sheet, drawing and installation instructions are available on our Website.


Do you have any further questions about UL products from GfA? Your sales representative will gladly advise you.



1) TC (Tray Cable) - approval according to UL 1277: suitable, for example, for laying in cable trays and pipes as well as for machine wiring.

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