Our project continues

In spring 2022 we supported the planting of a new forest with 3,600 trees in the Düsseldorf/Neuss area.

Now, one and a half years later, here's a brief update. The result: the junior trees have been thriving and are already absorbing the first CO2 from the air.


But that's not all: right next to the GfA forest, two new wind turbines will be connected to the grid in just a few days. With a rotor diameter of 150 meters and heights of 125 meters and 169 meters, they will ideally contribute 12 MW to the grid. This installation will have the capacity to supply electricity to approximately 10,000 households.


Together, this represents a powerful eco-friendly initiative.

However, this is not the end of our efforts, as our project continues. We are planning to plant new trees again next year, and we will, of course, provide updates at this location.

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