R+T 2015 - Positive Balance

GfA draws a positive balance from this year's R+T trade fair in Stuttgart. Both the product innovations such as the sectional door drive unit SE 8.65 FI and the GfA-Stick as well as the new GfA brand identity including new website were very well received by the trade fair visitors and customers.


In direct dialogue with customers and supported by information terminals with touch screens, the exhibition team had the opportunity to present the latest GfA products.


New product ELEKTROMATEN® SE 8.65 FI

The ELEKTROMATEN® SE 8.65 FI was presented as the main new product. The new drive unit for weight-counterbalanced sectional doors is characterised above all by its compact one-box design and the integrated frequency inverter (FI). This results in a very low weight of only 9.5 kg and in combination with the GfA door controls provides an adjustable output speed of 6 to 65 min-1. The easy opening of the door in an emergency is guaranteed by the "rapid hand chain operator" supplied as standard. The new single plug connector system also provides very efficient initial operation with no wiring costs. The new drive unit is complemented by the patented, optionally available torque mount which makes it possible to check the counter-balancing of the door.


The concept of the SE 8.65 FI also convinced the jury of the R+T Innovation Prize, so that GfA for the fourth time received one of the coveted awards.


Series production of the new drive unit is expected to start in spring 2017. Here you will find in advance the data sheet of the new ELEKTROMATEN SE 8.65 FI.



New product GfA-Stick with GfA+ App

The GfA-Stick with the GfA+ app was presented as the second new product. With the aid of this innovative tool for smart phones and tablet PCs, the memory of the door controls TS 959, TS 970 or TS 971 can be read and displayed. As a prerequisite for this, the GfA+ app must first be installed on the mobile device. The GfA-Stick is then plugged into the limit switch interface of the door control and the data is transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth® 4.0. After this, among other characteristics the software status of the door control, connected hardware, programmed settings, last actions and stored error logs can be viewed. In case support is required, it is also possible to transfer the relevant data to the after sales service department at GfA. This will allow even faster and more goal-oriented assistance in the future.


The GfA-Stick is available from April 2015. The GfA+ app is already available for downloading free of charge from your app store. The app is currently offered for mobile devices running the iOS (iOS 5 or higher) or Android (4.3 and higher) operating systems. The GfA+ app is also expected to be available from mid-2015 for devices running the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. You can find the data sheet for the GfA-Stick and the GfA+ app here.



New GfA website and GfA PORTAL

The new GfA website has also met with great interest. As of now, the newly designed site provides all the important information on and about GfA. The clearly arranged PRODUCTS area allows structured navigation in the individual product categories. Supporting documentation such as catalogue sheets, installation drawings and installation instructions are now available for each specific current product. In addition, the complete catalogue and installation instructions for older GfA products are also available under "Downloads". Other products and additional user languages will be added in the coming weeks.


The PORTAL was introduced at R+T as another important component of the new site. This is the new GfA customer area. The PORTAL will include many useful functions that make working with GfA products even more convenient and efficient. The functions available via the PORTAL will include the following:


  • TS date cloud for displaying the data read from the GfA door controls via the GfA+ app
  • Documentation on request for sending item-specific installation instructions to your e-mail address
  • Technical Information with regular updates on changes and improvements to the GfA products
  • Service Information with regular material on the specific use of certain GfA products
  • Online training explains how to handle certain GfA products
  • File Transfer Service (FTP) to retrieve the GfA files and documents you Need, such as drawings, 3D data sets or product images


GfA would like to thank all our customers and visitors for their great interest and dialogue during this year's show. You can also expect a great deal from GfA at R+T 2018.


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