Drive technology according to your requirements

ELEKTROMATEN® open logistic buildings, stadiums, underground car parks and factories. Proved over a million times and with high reliability. Even special environmental and application conditions are no problems.


Increased humidity, dust exposure, high and low temperatures, contact with aggressive media or requirements for explosion protection – GfA has the solution. Fully specialized drive units or modular additions to the standard ensure the required function.


1. Special gearbox oils for use in the food- or animal feed industry

2Hollow shafts and fixing elements with special coating or made from stainless steel

3Encapsulated breaks

4Emergency manual operations with stainless steel chains

5Sealed mechanical micro switches

6Dust and jet water-proof terminal boxes

7Fully specialized drive units for explosion protected areas according to ATEX


We provide the optimum solution. That is…


drive technology -

according to your requirements.

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