Thank you very much for your visit

We thank customers, suppliers, and prospective clients who visited us at R+T 2024.

We were delighted to showcase our latest products to you. Furthermore, we engaged in insightful discussions with you on all industry-related topics and many other interesting aspects. Your valuable feedback has been taken back to Düsseldorf with us – it will be incorporated into our products, services, and the continuation of our unique relationships.


Below, we would like to reintroduce to you the latest GfA product innovations.

ELEKTROMATEN® FX with a separate frequency inverter

Frequency inverter door drives have been among GfA standard products for many years. They enable high door opening and closing speeds as well as smooth starting and braking. This is efficient and reduces waiting times. Additionally, it protects the door mechanics. Until now, our drives always had the frequency inverter directly mounted on the electric motor. Now, we also offer a solution with a separate frequency inverter. This provides new flexibility in the placement of door drive technology. We call this solution FX. As usual, there will be a wide selection of different torques and speeds.

Door control / Wall-mounted charger with charging management for electric vehicles

We present an innovative solution combining door control and a wall-mounted charger for charging electric vehicles. This significantly reduces the previously high installation costs of a wall-mounted charger. This is achieved by supplying power to the wall-mounted charger through the door control, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. A customized wiring harness for plug-and-play installation is provided, allowing even individuals without electrical expertise to install it. Integrated charging management ensures that the maximum charging power of 11 kW is not exceeded for non-permit-required installations. For this solution, we received the bronze Innovation Award from the R+T trade fair.

IoT-enabled Door Control TS 971+ with gateway

Our proven door control TS 971 will soon be available with internet capabilities as TS 971+ with a gateway. This enables the convenient and automatic transmission of door control data to the cloud without the need for on-site presence. Remote diagnostics with warning notifications, service planning and even assisted repairs become possible. A new internet platform serves as the central administration area for the IoT solution.

External Control Device with Display

Many customers do not place the door control directly at the door since it is often sufficient to initiate opening or closing, for example, via a remote control or an external control device. However, in the latter case, the display of the door control is often missed, as it is used to show status messages, for instance. For this, we now have a solution - an external control device with an integrated display.

The showcased products are expected to be available in the coming months. We will keep you updated on this. Below are some impressions from the trade fair.

We are already looking forward to our next meeting –
at R+T Stuttgart 2027.

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