Update of the GfA+ App

The GfA+ App has received an update. To better support the app functions, the TS-B door controls will receive Software 3.1.


The GfA+ App () was developed for adjusting and servicing doors. Together with the GfA-Stick (), the app allows the readout and dis-play of important data from GfA door controls1). Among other things, software status, connected hardware, programmed adjustments and stored fault logs can be displayed using a mobile device. An update to the app is now available in the respective stores. The following changes have been incorporated:

  • Compatibility with the operating systems Android 10 and iOS 13
  • Option to read out GfA door controls from software 3.0
  • Improved layout for easier readability
  • Update of the fault guide with additional notes for structured fault analysis on the door drive system ()
  • Correction of minor faults in data transmission and Display


To better support the functions in the app, the door controls TS 959, TS 970 and TS 971 receive a software update. The new software 3.1 () will be incorporated in series production from June 2020. In addition to the solution integrated into the GfA+ App, the fault guide is also available as a PDF document (). Download the PDF document directly from the respective door control in the product area or in other languages in the download area.


Do you have further questions about the updated GfA+ App or software 3.1? Your sales representative will gladly advise you.


1) Generation TS-B: TS 959, TS 970, TS 971

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