Working together sustainably.

Agreeing on ecological and financial profit – this is the objective of the project Ökoprofit that has been in existence for 10 years also in Düsseldorf. On April 5, 2017, it was time to take stock.

The resulting workshop took place in the publishing house of Rheinische Post, a large regional daily newspaper in North Rhine-Westphalia.


All nine companies in this year's session presented their measures implemented so far. Included were measures such as a large-area LED lighting system for an event organiser and a photovoltaic installation on the roof of a car dealership branch. GfA implemented and presented the following measures before and during the Project:


  • The insulation of the hall roofing has been improved
  • Change to 100 percent green electricity
  • Installation of LED lighting in production and logistics areas
  • Renewal of compressed air compressors including integrated waste heat utilisation


The measures were acknowledged and honoured during the Event.


Workshop at GfA in February

During the one-year project period, companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves to other participants in the form of a workshop. The impressions gained serve as a basis for discussions and stimulus for further development of the project. GfA held this workshop on 22 February 2017. Project manager, Mrs. Sabine Holz used the event to present the results achieved on site. The tour of the company and the subsequent discussion attracted great interest.


Information board and employee suggestion system

In addition to the above measures, the GfA has also set up a central information board. There, the workforce can read up on the progress of the Ökoprofit project. We have also established an employee suggestion system. The goal is to seize suggestions of our employees for further project progress. Good ideas often arise in private life, sometimes even with practical implementation. We would like to make use of these potential ideas. Ideas such as the installation of occupancy sensors for lighting control or even setting up a charging station for electric vehicles have emerged and we will probably release these ideas in the near future. The best ideas were awarded during this year's GfA staff meeting. The vouchers awarded can be used for ecologically sustainable products.


Other challenges

GfA has other important challenges and measures on the Agenda.
These include, for example:


  • Optimised charging of industrial trucks by using high-frequency chargers
  • Use of minimum quantity lubrication in machining
  • Improved ventilation and heating of buildings
  • Measures for waste prevention and separation
  • Introduction of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001


The conclusion for all participating companies will be drawn at the end of the sixth project session in November. All participants will be awarded the Ökoprofit certificate in a public event. "Until then, the consultants determining the savings potential across all sectors can demonstrate further improvements in addition to the successes already achieved," explained the head of the Düsseldorf Environmental Protection Agency, Stefan Ferber. After a one-year term, the current series will end in November 2017.


We will keep you up to date until then.


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