BEA Condor: First motion and presence sensor for industrial doors

Combining the benefits of a motion sensor and an inductive loop the Condor sensor provides an innovative solution to increase safety, reduce costly collisions and false openings, and save energy.

The Condor sensor was the first dual technology sensor for automated industrial doors. It combines motion-detecting radar with presence-detecting active infrared.

The radar activates the door for approaching vehicles but ignores traffic travelling away or parallel to the opening. It is less sensitive to door vibrations and does not ‘see’ rain or snow. That means the door only opens when it needs to and closes immediately after a vehicle has passed, reducing heat loss or gain.

The active infrared sensor detects vehicles and/or pedestrians even when they are stationary, and ensures the door stays open. This prevents the risk of doors closing on vehicles that are parked in the opening for extended periods.

In many cases the Condor can replace a traditional induction loop and it’s installed much more easily. Once installed, all parameters are set from ground level via remote control. Its benefits have been recognised by Tesco, which specifies the Condor’s use at its sites.
GfA uses only the best quality components and suppliers so we’re pleased to be partnering with BEA to supply the Condor and a full range of BEA sensors. BEA is the world’s leader in microwave and sensor technology. We believe they provide the most accurate range of industrial motion sensors available.


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