Door drive and control equipment for challenging environments

GfA has developed IP65i which is an enhanced IP65 drive unit range in answer to these challenges.

In response to door companies approaching GfA for drive and control solutions for waste transfer, waste processing, composting plants and a variety of other challenging environments GfA has developed the IP65i; an enhanced IP65 model range. Whilst our normal IP65 drive units offer protection against limited water ingress, the IP65i goes one step further, preventing damage caused by the ingress of water vapour that later condenses.

Protecting drives from water and vapour ingress

IP65i drives are only available with mechanical limits all of which are totally encapsulated. Although vapour can still enter the box, any condensate cannot get to individual switches or cause them to short circuit with a neighbouring switch.


If the drives are installed in an environment where the temperature drops below -5oC an optional thermostatically controlled gear box heater helps maintain the drive within its permissible temperature range.


IP65i enhanced protection is available on GfA Safedrive® models from 350 - 1400Nm and GfA Ranger models for roller shutter and sectional overhead doors.


Totally Encapsulated Limit Switches Drive unit fitted with totally enclosed brake Heater Connection Box with integrated thermostat


Special features of the IP65i


Stainless steel or coated hollow shafts and foot mountings


  • Stainless steel hand chain
  • Totally encapusulated mechanical limit switches
  • Totally enclosed brake unit (on drives with an electromagnetic brake)
  • Drive unit finished in corrosion resistant coating
  • Gearbox heater available (for use where temperature could fall below -5┬░)


Alongside the drive solutions GfA provide complimentary control panels (TS959 and TS971) housed in an IP66 rated GRP enclosure, equipped with a thermostatically controlled anti-condensation heater.


Supplying doors for a challenging environment? Talk to our technical team about the full range of IP65i solutions from GfA - call 01926 452452



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