Door safety option – the OPTOEDGE now with indication LED

GfA now offers the popular Opto-Electronic Safety Edge (OPTOEDGE) sensing edge system for automatic doors and gates with optional LED.

The OPTOEDGE has been a popular solution for door safety for many years. Now with an indication LED that displays the operational status of the system it's even easier to fit and provides a visual status indicator, making it ideal for companies who require visual diagnostics or are not using the a GfA TS 971 Control Panel with its built-in diagnostics.

The OPTOEDGE system is used on a wide range of industrial doors and gates and provides a reliable way of avoiding harmful collisions between these doors and people or objects in their path.

Features of the OPTOEDGE:


  • Self-adjusting sensor sensitivity
  • Protection class IP67 (IP68 for status LED)
  • High reliability
  • Assembly without adhesives or special tools
  • Suitable for door edges up to 10 m wide
  • Resistant against environmental influences vibrations and chemicals

Features and benefits of the new OPTOEDGE with Status LED include:


  • indicator LED makes it easier for technicians to install and for door owners to determine whether everything is working properly.


Condition indicator LED advanced electronics in the components minimize energy requirements and adjust the intensity of the IR light source to match local requirement.


For more details about the Vitector OPTOEDGE and the OPTOEDGE with status LED contact GfA UK Ltd on 01926 452452.



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