Frequently Asked Questions

Our sales and technical teams regularly...

Our sales and technical teams regularly receive calls from customers asking whether a specific drive incorporates an anti-fallback device or whether a separate safety device (i.e. safety brake) would be needed.

For GfA drives the answer is pretty simple – our SI Safedrive® range of drives all benefit from our patented anti-fallback device, which is built into the gear, so you don’t need a separate safety brake or similar.

If you have an existing GfA drive just look at the GfA name plate – if there’s a number starting SI or GA your product incorporates an anti-fallback device. Details of the full SI (Safedrive®) range can be seen on our website.

GfA name plate showing product code (SI 25.15-30,00) in the top right.

Other  GfA drives, including SE (Ranger) and KE (driven by chain-transmission) will require an anti-fallback device fitting which could be a separate safety brake.

Talk to the GfA Sales team about your requirements - call 01926 452 452, (option 1).

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