Full range of drives for high speed fabric doors

Our drives for fabric doors and rapid roll PVC shutters...

Our drives for fabric doors and rapid roll PVC shutters fall within our popular Safedrive® range for products requiring an anti-fallback device. There’s a drive for every situation, depending on the door size, application and operational requirements, with the SG50F, the SG63Fand the SG85F all benefiting from the usual Safedrive® features.

For flexibility in torque and speed, to meet the needs to a wide size range of openings and applications, the SG63F drive range is the most popular and widely used.

Take a closer look at what this range has to offer.

  • Factory fitted frequency invertor – offering the fastest speeds on the market
  • Soft stop / start – for smooth opening and closing, minimising wear on the drive and also the door itself.
  • Dual speed close option – for larger doors (over 2.5 metres in height) there’s the convenience of two speed closing, using the higher speed above 2.5 meters and reducing speed to meet force test requirements for the final 2.5 metres.
  • Single and 3 phase versions available.
  • Option for low level hand chain operation – for convenient uninterrupted use even during power outages.
  • Models offering speeds up to 350rpm

As with all GfA Safedrives® these drives work seamlessly with the TS range of control panels (TS 970, TS 971 or TS 981).

Talk to the GfA sales team about our range of drives for high speed fabric doors and shutters, call 01926 452452.

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