Future proofed control with new TS Control Panels

New versions of...

New versions of the GfA TS Control Panels TS 959, TS 970, TS 971 and TS 981 incorporate a neat little feature which means they are all set for use with BS EN12453:2017 safety enabled devices.

Hardware on the TS control panels has been modified slightly, with the interface X2 for door switches changed to resistor evaluation. As shown in the table the previous wired link on the TS control panels has been replaced with a factory installed 5K ohm resistor (right hand image) and the colour of the plugs has been changed from green to black to enable installers to easily distinguish between older and newer versions of the TS door controls.


If the resistor is not present, for example in the case of a short circuit, fault to the door safety edge or open safety circuit due to triggered slack-rope or pass-door switches, operating the door will not be possible. A corresponding fault code will be displayed. (F1.2 / F1.7 / F1.8)


What does BS EN12453:2017 say about monitoring switches?
The modification made to BS EN12453:2017 requires the monitoring of switches used on industrial door safety devices.


The new standard for powered gates, doors and barriers (BS EN12453:2017) although not fully adopted in the UK incorporates an important requirement which is supported by the new TS Control Panel range.


Standard Features of GfA TS Control Panels

  • Simple connection between a GfA drive and a TS Control Panel means quick and simple installations saving you time and money as an electrician is not required. Panels are plugged in via a pre-wired protected cable.
  • Set limits from ground level for all digital limit motors – keeping installers safe and saving time and money on access equipment.
  • Set a regular service schedule with the inbuilt maintenance counter allowing you to set a regular service schedule as required by HSE and PUWR regulations.
  • Pinpoint faults even more easily with the digital displayensuring engineers arrive on site prepared. Fault codes can be read without unscrewing the panel. They are displayed as numbers, not LED codes, so are easy for end users to understand and relay.

To place an order for a TS Control Panel with this new feature email sales@gfa-elektromaten.co.uk or call 01926 452452, option 1.

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