Get the Technical Support You Need

Meet the newest member of the Technical Team - Electrical Engineer Tim Drysch

If you have an unusual door project you need a solution for, you need to talk to the newest member of the Technical Support team – Tim Drysch. 

Tim joined the GfA Technical Support team earlier this year. With a BEng in Electronic Engineering from Birmingham University and 4 years’ experience in electrical design and testing in the energy, power and renewables sectors Tim relishes the challenge of designing door drive and control solutions from scratch. 

When he’s not manning the technical support helpline for customers installing or repairing doors fitted with GfA products he’s coming up with bespoke solutions for the most challenging door drive projects. Tim prides himself on thinking outside the box and asking, ‘what if…’ to make sure the solution he comes up with is fit for purpose as well as meeting all the necessary standards. 

Tim joins long serving members of the technical support team,

(left to right) Howard Weaver, Robert Booth and Chris John.


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