Getting the Best from GfA Light Curtains

As a non-contact device light curtains...

As a non-contact device light curtains are perfect for doors and shutters that cannot afford to make even the lightest contact with any obstruction. They are perfect for car showrooms, car parks and any door providing pedestrian access and ideal for high speed and high frequency doors.

For door manufacturers the key to getting the best from this particular safety device is to design your door with the light curtain in mind, that way you minimise cost whilst also maximising performance and safety.

Light Curtain Solution for NCP Car Park

GfA recently worked with one customer on an NCP car park with a large number of parking bays where the door was required to open/close fully each time a vehicle entered or exited. In such high frequency applications, the spiral cables on a Safety Edge can become twisted whilst the Wireless alternative could require frequent battery changes. Light curtains were the perfect solution.


Choosing a Light Curtain

GfA light curtains are compatible with our TS range of control panels and can be used on doors from 1.2m – 12.0m wide and from 1.9m in height. Our new Light Curtain Selection Table will help you decide the best solution for your doors. Please see below for a copy of the chart.


Members of the GfA Technical Team will be happy to talk you through the options in more detail.  Call 01926 452452 and select Option 2. 

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