GfA+ App: Important Information

Due to a recent update by Google Playstore...

Due to a recent update by Google Playstore, the GfA+ App is no longer visible on devices using Android 12 or above.

The change does not affect Apple iOS devices.

The good news is, the app will work fine if you already have it on your Android device. The current version of the GfA+ App works on the current generation devices (it is just not visible in the store).

How to install the Android app if you need it from today
If you have a new Android Device or need the app from today, but can’t find it in the Google Playstore, please use this link: 2.0.11.apk.7z

To download, click the above link on your mobile phone/device; unzip and open.

The app is then automatically installed on that mobile phone/device.


Follow up
Our service provider for the GfA+ App does not expect an update before 1st July 2023. We will let you know when the GfA+ App is visible again in the Google Playstore.

Reminder: There is no problem with the app appearing in the Apple Store.


If you have any problems or need further clarification, please call us on

01926 452452 - option 2 for Technical.


Best Wishes,


Lisa Elbourn

Sales Team Manager


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