GfA Control Solutions for Dock Levellers

Want to use a dock leveller in conjunction with a TS control and GfA digital limit? We have a solution.

Approached by a customer who wanted to use a dock leveller in conjunction with a TS control and GfA digital limit drive our technical team came up with a solution that works with both single valve hinged lip and two valve telescopic lip dock levellers.

The combined dock leveller uses the GfA dock leveller control (LB 700) with a TS control panel and these are interlocked in such a way so that the dock leveller cannot be operated unless the door is in the fully open position. When the dock leveller is in use, the interlock inhibits the shutter from closing. This interlock is pre-wired, meaning setting just one parameter on the dock leveller and the door control panel when installing and commissioning.

The combined dock leveller solution incorporates any of the latest TS control panels but was designed specifically to be used in combination with the following:

  • TS 971, allowing automatic closing with a wireless safety edge. This comes with mimic red/green traffic lights mounted in the enclosure.
  • TS 959, dead-man control with an added option for mimic traffic lights. 

Features and functions include:


  • Safety functions for releasing and locking the dock leveller include door contact, vehicle detection, wheel block sensor and position sensor
  • Digital status and information display
  • Control of dock shelter, extractor and inspection lamp
  • Fault diagnostics with last two fault codes stored
  • Operational cycle counter
  • Programmable maintenance cycle counter/indicator


Request a copy of the full dock leveller data sheet here or talk to GfA about dock leveller drive and control solutions on 01926 452452.


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