GfA coronavirus (COVID-19) response

With the ever changing...


GfA coronavirus (COVID-19) response

With the ever changing position in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak we have made every effort to secure our supply chain and mitigate the impact on our staff, our business and our customers.


In the UK we are following all current official advice.

As we have been asked by several customers for our approach to the situation here’s a headline of measures we have taken:

  • Installed hand sanitisers around the business and improved signage and communication reminding staff of their responsibilities for hygiene and self-isolation where necessary.
  • Segregated office and warehouse facilities and minimised contact between departments.
  • Cancelled all non-essential travel.
  • Cancelled training programmes (including the training due to take place on 25th March 2020)
  • Selected a home working team, who will be isolated from other members of staff.
  • Increased stock levels where necessary.
  • Increased the use of remote communication (email, text and telephone) in place of face to face meetings.


In addition to the recommended hygiene and isolation measures GfA Germany has implemented several measures to ensure security of supply including:

  • Home working for administrative staff
  • Travel and event bans
  • Separation of production and administration buildings
  • Rotation of production, using shifts to avoid the impact of potential quarantine
  • Where possible increased stock levels.


Our aim is to continue to provide a full service from GfA UK and help our customers keep going in these difficult times.


At present all orders are being taken, processed and dispatched as normal. Should this change we will notify you.


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