GfA enhances service with a whole load of team knowledge (and a smile)

We all want service with a smile...

We all want service with a smile. However, here at GfA UK, we ensure that sits alongside real understanding of the job and our industry. We believe this is key to understanding your needs as a customer and being able to deliver the level of service you have come to expect.  

How do we achieve this?

Put simply, we invest in all our people.

To get started, all new employees are enrolled on a full week’s in-depth training programme: that’s all our office teams – Sales, Customer Service, Technical – as well as our apprentices and the Warehouse team - everyone is trained.


To enable your needs to be met, we tailor the content of the training to suit each department, focusing on:


And the training doesn’t stop there. We enjoy sharing experiences and providing support to each other through interdepartmental training. We continually update our knowledge, not only on new products, but with refresher sessions as required.


How does this help you? 

One of the nice upsides for both you and us, is how the training is increasing our knowledge and helping reduce the need to bounce calls from department to department. We can better identify what you require and who is best positioned to find you the right solution.

Keeping our people happy and engaged…

It’s not all just about giving great service with a smile.  We’re doing it for the benefit of our people who work here too by giving them:

  • A better sense of engagement and involvement

Acknowledgement of the importance of everyone in every job

Your continued feedback…

To help us improve the service we offer you, please continue to let us have your feedback.


We’re open to hearing from you by phone on 01926 452452 or by emailing or just get in touch with any of your usual contacts.


Best wishes,

Lisa Elbourn

Sales Team Manager

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