GfA is UKCA ready!!

GfA UK is pleased to announce...

GfA UK is pleased to announce that every applicable GfA product will bear the UKCA mark by the end of March 2023 - two years ahead of the deadline.

How it works - UKCA marking


New legislative framework was introduced within the UK to replace the European CE mark following our departure from the EU in January 2020.  The UK created its own conformity assessment procedure, adopted as UKCA marking, and businesses were granted a

co-existence period before the UKCA mark became the only route to demonstrate compliance with the new legislation.

The UK Government recently extended this co-existence period to 31st December 2024. Despite this, every applicable GfA product will bear the UKCA mark by the end of March 2023.

The EU Notified Body that issued GfA’s original CE Certification has officially been recognised as a UK Approved Body, where all CE Certification will be re-issued under the UKCA mark. This certification will not expire on the 31st December 2024 - it will continue to remain valid once CE marking is no longer acceptable within the GB Market.

Why is it required?

UKCA marking will become a legal requirement which demonstrates a product’s ability to comply with the relevant UK legislation.  Applicable products must be supplied with a Declaration of Conformity and/or a Declaration of Incorporation by the manufacturer; these are available through the GfA UK website* and can be used to compile a Technical file.

GfA prides itself on providing technical assistance and support to your engineers while they are on-site – likewise, we are happy to assist with UKCA-related queries that you may have about our products.


Please contact our Technical team on 01926 452 452 option 2.


Best wishes,

Tim Drysch

Head of Electrical Design

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