GfA launches new 1000mA TS 971 door control panel

A new 1000mA TS 971...

A new 1000mA TS 971 has been launched by industrial door drive specialist, GfA UK Ltd. GfA promises reduced installation times, less on-site wiring and a single slimline one-panel solution to cope with most applications fitted with external safety and access control devices.


The 1000mA is an uprating option for the market leading TS 971, adding to the range, which was previously only available with 350mA.


Doors can now be operated with one slimline control panel, supporting GfA’s plug-and-play philosophy for installation.


GfA UK’s Head of Electrical Design, Tim Drysch said: “This is a fantastic addition to the TS 971 control panel. The new 1000mA option has the same dimensions as the existing 350mA unit and comes with all the advantages of access to its controls via our Bluetooth plug-in stick and the GfA app.

How does the new 1000mA TS 971 Control Panel save time and space

With a door assembly, often the control panel needs to fit into a small space and be slimline, for example, face fixed to an “I” beam. Previously, if you were adding external devices to a 350mA control panel to handle additional sensors and controls you would need to wire, interconnect and fit an additional power supply unit - this requires more space, more wiring and additional cost.


The concept of plug-and-play is a central USP for GfA drives and controls and is a consistent benefit of the range; Tim Drysch explained: “You can go to the installation site, plug it in and it works. It's quicker on-site for fitters because all you have are two terminals - 24 volts and ground. The ability to hardwire more accessories to a 1000mA TS 971 negates the need to wire in an additional power supply unit - at 230 or 415 volts - with the TS 971.”


The 1000mA is ready for specification and is on sale now from GfA UK. Visit

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