Hand held force testing equipment now available from GfA

The closing force limitation testing of industrial doors is made easy with the GTE KMG-Lite. And, with competitive prices held at 2016 levels you’ve got even more reason to buy today from GfA.

Work smart, be safe and meet the regulations
KMG Lite


The hand-held device accurately measures the dynamic and static forces and the time that these forces are present at the closing edge of the door whilst keeping the operator safe. With the KMG-Lite you can confidently meet regulatory requirements to ensure that doors are maintained in safe working order by testing and measuring forces exerted by your doors to confirm they are operating within the criteria laid down in BS-EN12453 & A1.

Working with suppliers GTE we can offer the KMG-Lite at very competitive rates.



KMG-Lite Force Tester

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GTE KMG-Lite under the bonnet


• Easy handling - stand-alone single hand gauge

• Illuminated numeric display of parameters

• Mechanical overload protection

• Battery operated (standard AA batteries)

• Automatic measurement trigger

• Automatic BS-EN12453 evaluation

• Robust tripod and spacer set available


Full details on the GTE KMG-Lite are contained in on our website.


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