Important HSE update for door companies

You’d be forgiven for having missed it...

You’d be forgiven for having missed it but there were a couple of very important points in the recent HSE bulletin concerning revised European Standards BS EN 12453 & BS EN 12604.

There are two important points door installers and manufacturers need to be aware of:

  1. Photo Beams used to control power operated doors – In most circumstances two low level photo beams are required rather than one. Our sales team will therefore quote on this basis, unless you are able to confirm at the quotation stage that a single photo beam can be used in compliance with the standard.
  2. Force limitation testing. The inclusion of a test at 1500mm from the floor, as well as 300mm from the floor, especially on doors with variable speed control which slow down in the final 500mm of closing. GfA high speed drives used with a GfA control panel have the advantage of automatic slowdown as the door approaches the floor.


It’s complicated we know, so we suggest you talk to our Technical Team for advice.  Call 01926 452452 option 2, or email


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