New Ranger 90 Fi for High Speed Doors

The popular Ranger selection of drive units has been extended...

The popular Ranger selection of drive units has been extended further with the new Ranger 90 Fi.  Providing exceptional performance on sprung and unsprung roller shutter and sectional doors Ranger drives offer flexibility and reliability for many applications.

Ranger 90 Fi

  • Output torque: 90Nm
  • Output speed: 80 rpm (max.)
  • Use: Sectional doors and roller shutters

Our Fi range of drives allow doors to open and close very quickly yet safely, ideal for applications like car parks where traffic through-put is a factor.

Why choose a Ranger drive unit?

  • Cost effectiveness – Ranger drives are a direct and cost-effective replacement for virtually all similar compliant drives on the market
  • Ease of installation – the Ranger has industry-standard fixings and shaft sizes, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Flexibility – drives can be handed on site and are offered with digital or mechanical limits
  • Ease of maintenance – the inbuilt maintenance counters provide for a regular service schedule
  • Full control – designed to work with our TS Control Panels to provide full control of the door or shutter for all applications. All Ranger models are supplied as standard with low level hand chain operation.

View the full range of Ranger drive units on the GfA UK website.

For information or advice on the best Ranger drive for your application contact the Sales Team on 01926 452452.

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