Meet the Team: Daniel Pahal, Sales Engineer

Whilst many customers...

Whilst many customers may have spoken to Dan on the telephone, he’s only met a handful. This is an opportunity to discover what makes Dan tick and how he can help you.


What did you do before joining GfA?
“I started out as an Apprentice working for a company distributing vehicle steering components and brakes for buses and HGVs. Having completed my apprenticeship, I had an opportunity to move to work for a manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and power packs for CNC high pressure coolant machines. This business relied on accuracy and attention to detail as they were manufacturing high pressure hydraulic components. Whilst there I worked in the warehouse where as well as dealing with deliveries, picking and packing I was also responsible for putting together power packs. My main role was working on the Trade Counter, dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis.

When I joined GfA in September 2017 I was new to the door industry, so I’ve had a lot to learn about industrial doors and the GfA product range. Having worked for other engineering companies was an advantage and the technical sales experience I had was invaluable for the role I have at GfA.”

At the end of 2019 Dan was voted employee of the year by his colleagues and is now helping to train newer members of staff.

Dan Pahal demonstrated the Safedrive SE 8.60 Fi, compact sectional door drive at the GfA Open Day in 2019

“I really enjoy working at GfA and the door industry is a tight knit community, everyone knows everyone else, but I’m glad to say they’re all a pretty friendly bunch.”


Dan's top 3 questions for getting an accurate quote
“As a sales engineer I’m responsible for dealing with customer order and product enquiries on the telephone and via email. In addition to taking enquiries from customers about new product orders I spend my time speaking to engineers on site who are desperate for spares and need help to identify the right replacement product.

When I’m asked for a quote, I always start with the same three questions:

  • What’s the size of the door?
  • What type of lath is being used (to get a feeling for weight)?
  • Is it single or three phase supply?

Once I have answers to these questions,  I might ask a few more detailed questions but the answer to these three is always the starting point.

The great thing about my job is the variety and in the few years I’ve been at GfA I’ve had some great experiences and been given plenty of new opportunities – including being asked to present at the GfA Open Day last year and being asked to feature in the company’s recruitment video.”


The Real Dan Pahal
When not at work Dan keeps fit by attending regular Karate classes and working out at his local gym.

Dan is a member of the sales support team alongside Peter Whittles, Peter Reid, Lisa Elbourn and new member Tomy Stovell.

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