New compact sectional door drive with frequency inverter (SE 8.60 Fi)

With speed and affordability...

  • Compact design

  • High speed (up to 60 rpm)

  • Next generation plug and play

  • Affordable alternative to standard drive

  • Smooth operation, reducing wear and tear

  • Great addition to the GfA SE series of drives

  • Available from 22nd October 2019

With speed and affordability at the top of the agenda for many door specifiers we think we’ve got just the right product to meet that need. Taking advantage of all the features of our high speed Fi drives, and incorporating next generation plug and play features the new SE 8.60 Fi sectional door drive is a must-see addition to the GfA range.

A prototype of the product was shown at R+T a few years ago, and now we have stock in the UK. We will be showcasing the SE 8.60 Fi as part of our Open Day on 22nd October 2019 at our new factory in Warwick, and it will be available to order from that date.

For more details and advanced orders please contact the Sales Team on 01926 452452, option 1, or email

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