New Safedrive® products offer significant savings

From 1st February 2020...

New Safedrive® products offer significant savings


Image shows Safedrive® SI 260.5
From 1st February 2020 the Safedrive® range of products will be extended to include four new products in the SG 186F range. The new drives all use an 80mm hollow shaft, rather than the current 100mm shaft, which offers significant savings on current drives.

These drives bridge the gap between the current 1800Nm and 3600Nm drives and have been developed by GfA to meet the needs of UK customers.
New SG 186F Product available
Series SG 186F Output Torque Output Speed Hollow shaft
SI 260.5-80,00 2600Nm 5 rpm 80mm
SI 260.12-80,00 Fi 2600Nm 12 prm 80mm
SI 360.5-80,00 3600Nm 5 rpm 80mm
SI 360.12-80,00 Fi 3600Nm 12 rpm 80mm

Standard speed variants are held in stock in the UK. High speed (Fi) versions are available to order through our sales team.

These new drives all operate with the TS 981 Control Panel from GfA.

For prices or to place an order email or call 01926 452452, option 1.


New to the Safedrive? This is what you need to know:
The GfA Safedrive® range are special drives for industrial doors requiring an anti-fallback device. The patented safety brake is built into the gear and the unit is fitted directly to the door shaft.

All Safedrive® products include:
  • High precision worm drive gear box to ensure smooth operation and a long life.
  • Horizontal or vertical* mounting to optimise installation space.
  • A built-in anti-fallback device cutting manufacturing and installation time, saving you money.
  • Digital or mechanical limits. Digital limits can be set from the floor level via the control panel with no need for access equipment.
  • Simple connection using the GfA plug and play system, which can be installed by a mechanical fitter often negating the expense of an electrician.
  • Emergency low level manual hand chain operation as standard with the option of Handcrank.
Safedrive® has the widest range of torques and speeds of any door drive on the market. This includes adaptations for high speed doors and explosion proof drives amongst others.

*the SG 186F drive range can only be mounted horizontally

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