Part open feature on GfA TS Control Panels

A lesser known feature available on our TS 970, TS 971 and TS 981...

A lesser known feature available on our TS 970, TS 971 and TS 981 control panels is a part open position set by either a key switch or selector switch.

The part open position is set within the parameters of the TS control panel and can be enabled using a number of access control devices. An example of this is the easy to fit and very cost effective key switch (as shown top-centre) or selector switch (top-right in the above image). 

Alternatively if you require separate part or full open commands the TS control panel will allow you to set this up through various inputs. For further details on this please speak to our technical team.


Benefits of using a part open facility with TS control panels

  • Security – with the part open position selected by the key switch, access to the building is under a user’s complete control, for example the user can ensure the door is only opened fully for articulated lorries and other tall vehicles when the keyholder is present.

  • Environmentally friendly – the door is opened only to the extent required for the traffic entering and exiting. Use of the switch avoids full open (and resultant loss of heat or cooling) when not necessary.

  • Accurate cycle counting – use of the part open position ensures every cycle of the door is recorded, rather than opens being recorded only when the door reaches the top limit as would be the case if the door was part opened by manually stopping the door at the required height during the opening cycle.

Why is accurate cycling counting so important?

Recent feedback from a GfA customer proves the value of the part open position. One of our customers was called back to a site where a drive had worn out on a large door. The cycle counter suggested the door had completed just 1,500 cycles over the three-year period in question. On observation however it was noted the door was being used almost constantly throughout the day as a security attendant was stopping the door part way up as cars entered and exited. The only recorded cycle however was when the door opened fully once or twice per week for large goods vehicles making deliveries.


For more details on the features of the TS Control Panels or to purchase a key or selector switch contact the sales team on 01926 452 452 or email

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