Reminder – why you need 2 photo beams

In our January newsletter we included...

In our January newsletter we included a note about the requirements for GfA to quote for two, rather than a single low-level photo beam. Hopefully this extract from the DHF Revised versions of EN 12453 and EN 12604 helps clarify the situation: Supplementary device to reduce the probability of contact

(Applies to automated systems installed post 2018)

If a supplementary device to reduce the probability of contact is required, and if the distance between the supplementary device and the opposite edge of the door leaf is equal or greater than 150 mm such a device is needed at both sides of a sliding door and vertically moving non-protruding door (see below).

To be compliant with the regulations our sales team will quote for two low level photo beams, unless you are able to confirm at the quotation stage that a single photo beam can be used.

For advice on compliance with the latest regulations talk to our Technical Team.  Call 01926 452452 option 2, or email

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