SE (Ranger) Series Expanded

The popular SE (Ranger) series

The popular SE (Ranger) series of drive units is being extended further to provide a complete and cost effective range of drives for sprung and unsprung roller shutter doors.

The SE (Ranger) is a series of drives for doors which are counterbalanced or fitted with a separate safety brake. The drive unit can be either directly fitted to the door shaft, on sectional doors, or via chain gear transmission on roller shutters. The series for sprung and unsprung roller shutter doors now includes a new single-phase Ranger 120W and will shortly include a 3-phase Ranger 220, meaning there’s a drive to meet almost any need.

Product:       Output
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product reference:
Ranger 90   90 Nm   Three-phase   SE 9.32
Ranger 90W   70 Nm   Single phase   SE 7.32 WS
NEW: Ranger 120W   120 Nm   Single phase   SE 12.24 WS
Ranger 150   150 Nm   Three-phase   SE 15.48
Ranger 220
  220 Nm   Three-phase   SE 22.24

The SE range of drives are also available with a built on frequency inverter (Fi drives) allowing doors to open and close very quickly yet safely, ideal for applications where speed of opening and high frequency of operation is required.

Why choose a Ranger drive unit for your rolling shutter door?

  • Cost effective – Ranger drives are a direct and cost-effective replacement for virtually all similar compliant drives on the market.
  • Hard wearing – precision made worm gears ensures a long, maintenance free life.
  • Easy to install – the Ranger has an industry-standard flange mount and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Flexible – drives can be handed on site and are offered with digital limits as standard
  • Easy to maintain – the inbuilt maintenance counters in the TS control panels provide for a regular service schedule.
  • Full control – as standard Ranger drives are supplied with digital limits allowing adjustment from ground level using a compatible TS Control Panel.
  • Built-in limit switches - all Ranger drives are supplied with directly driven, built-in digital limit switches to maintain a precise stopping position. All Ranger models include low level hand chain operation as standard.
  • Fully compliant – our drives and controls meet BS EN 12453 and BS EN 12604 standards. Using a GfA Ranger helps you to comply with the BS EN 13241-1:2003 European Directives for EU Construction Products and Machinery, Low Voltage and EMC.
Images show, left to right: SG50 SE 9.32 and SG50 SE 14.80 FI
      Image shows SG63 SE 15.48



View the full range of Ranger drive units on the GfA UK website.

For advice on the most suitable TS control panel for your job speak to the Sales Team on 01926 452452, option 1.

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