Selling the benefits of high speed doors

High speed doors bring productivity and energy efficiency benefits, so why aren’t more customers fitting them?


In our estimation only 5 to 10% of industrial doors supplied in the UK market are equipped for high speed operation. We can’t understand why this isn’t nearer 50%. With the productivity and energy efficiency benefits of high-speed doors well documented, how can we help you persuade your customers that high-speed doors are a necessity rather than a luxury?


Halve door opening times and save time and money
Using a GfA high speed Fi drive means shipments can be unloaded more quickly, temperature is easier to control and heat isn’t lost or allowed to enter cooled environments.


Doors on our factory in Warwick (4130mm wide x 4440mm high) illustrate the huge time savings that can be made using high speed drives. With a standard GfA Safedrive® the door opens in 18 seconds, fitted with a high speed Safedrive® Fi drive the door is fully open in just 6 seconds.



In addition, an Fi drive is smoother in operation thus reducing stress on the door mechanism and allows for more operational movements when compared to a conventional door drive.

Simple set up provides full control

The Fi drive system allows opening and closing speeds to be set by entering the required rpm, with door manufacturers able to set speeds appropriate for their doors.
It is also as simple to set the acceleration and deceleration parameters and the drive limit positions can be set from floor level. The speed change pre-limits and over travel limits are set automatically, meaning on-site commissioning time is greatly reduced compared to separate inverter packages, (which generally require the skills of a qualified electrical engineer and the associated costs).

Where to use an Fi drive

Fi drives are ideal for high use doors and shutters where fork lift use, loading and unloading is frequent and where waiting 15 – 30 seconds for a door to open is just too long. They are also essential for areas where security is a key issue (criminal detention centres, cash warehouse centres, car parks and airport baggage handling areas) and for sites where heat or cold loss could add significant running costs for the customer.

The GfA Fi range


Ranger Fi

Ranger Fi product range for counterbalanced sectional doors and inboard mounted chain driven roller shutter doors fitted with a separate safety brake. More details online.


Safedrive Fi

Safedrive® Fi (SI product range) with integrated anti-fall back device for doors without counterbalancing or separate safety brake. More details online.



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