Your remote engineer - the GfA Bluetooth Stick

Ever wondered what happens to your doors after they’ve been fitted? Constantly challenged by customers who say the door, drive or control is failing and they don’t know why?

Your remote engineer – the GfA-Stick


The GfA-Stick coupled with the GfA+ mobile App lets you see exactly what’s been happening to the door in terms of its operation and control. Plug in the Stick, download the data and get the real picture.
The data readout includes the current settings and programming parameters, the last 6 faults, a record of the last 128 events as well as the number of cycles and temperature of the unit. Armed with this information it’s easier to diagnose whether problems are with the control panel, motor, installation or operation of the door.


How does it work?


  • Download the GfA+ App from your App Store onto your mobile device. It’s easy to find and simple to install.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • Plug the Stick into the limit switch ports on any of the GfA TS 959, TS 970(S2) and TS 971 control panels.
  • Read the data on your mobile or obtain an authentication code to provide to GfA who will view the data and help you with diagnostics.
  • All data is saved remotely and accessible at any time through the GfA web portal.


Who should use it?


The GfA-Stick could be carried by every service engineer and fitter to help with fault code diagnostics and those tricky customers who tell you the door is failing yet they are doing everything they’ve been advised. The sticks could also be left with a building’s facilities management company when the door is installed, allowing you to assess and diagnose an issue remotely.


Want to know more?


Download the GfA+ App and GfA-Stick datasheet here.

Watch our short video


Learn how to use the GfA-Stick for fault diagnostics and how one customer in the Middle East was able to diagnose and solve fitting problems without a costly overseas visit GfA Bluetooth Stick for diagnostics.


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