Fire Shutter Drive to Meet the New Standard

From the 1st November 2019 a new...

From the 1st November 2019 a new, DLA Fire Shutter Drive will be available from GfA UK. This product was launched at our Open Day on 22nd October where it received a great deal of interest.

GfA has been supplying tried and tested fire door drives for over 20 years. Due to a change in the standard, from 1st November 2019, we have undertaken some fundamental changes to upgrade our drive, which we believe now meets the criteria of the new standard.

The main change initiated by EN16034 is Ability to Release and Durability of the Ability to Release which our new design addresses head on.

A solenoid system is energised to release using a 24Vdc alarm signal. Our new Actuator release mechanism is energised to hold, therefore if the power is lost, the actuator will release.

Features of the GfA DLA fire shutter drive include:

  • close in the event of power being lost
  • an energised-to-hold actuator releases the mechanism and triggers a controlled gravity descent.
  • the actuator has a permanent 24Vdc supply which when interrupted by the fire alarm, initiates the controlled descent.

All assembled drives are factory tested to ensure fire alarm controlled descent, as required by the standard.

The DLA fire shutter is available on GfA 150, 250, 600, 800 and 1,000 drives.

For more details contact sales team on 01926 452452, option 1 or email

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