Security of Supply and GfA 2019 Prices

GfA 2019 Prices...

I realise that uncertainty around Brexit is causing concern for many businesses and I therefore wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about the contingency plans we have made here at GfA. Over the last 12-18 months we have been negotiating with our strategic suppliers to ensure there is no disruption in our supply of products to customers. We are increasing our stock holding to further mitigate against a no deal Brexit and delays at UK ports. Like many businesses we are at the mercy of the current global economic turmoil and fluctuations in the Euro / Sterling exchange rate. I am however pleased to report that we have decided to hold our current prices to you until the position with regards leaving the EU is more certain. We have the full backing of GfA Germany in this approach.


I anticipate prices remaining at their current level until March. I will write again before 29th March 2019 when I hope things will be a whole lot clearer and we can all put our focus back on day to day business rather than trying to second guess what the politicians might decide.


Andrew Collett

Managing Director

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