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Tel: 01926 452452 March 2015
GfA’s R+T Innovation Prize winner
Find out why GfA triumphed at R+T Stuttgart in 2015...more

Door industry getting more innovative and hi-tech
Andrew Collett gives his thoughts on the main messages from the world’s leading trade fair ...more

Improved diagnostics? There’s an app for that
Download data from our control panels direct to your smartphone with the GfA-Stick and GfA+ App ...more

R+T Innovation Prize winner

 The prize winning SE 8.65 Fi

Adjustable speed output

New single plug connection
Our new SE 8.65 Fi drive unit convinced the R+T jury in February with its extremely compact design, integrated frequency inverter and other unique functions.
The SE 8.65 Fi, which uses GfA’s new SG40 gearbox, has been specifically designed for use with counter-balanced sectional doors. Its compact one-box design (just 285mm x 210mm x 85mm) and low-weight (9.5kg) allows for greater flexibility during installation. The integrated frequency inverter gives the drive an adjustable speed from 6 to 65rpm and an output torque of 80Nm. This allows doors to be opened quickly and efficiently, reducing energy loss and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.
The drive unit is fast, easy and safe to fit due to a completely new single plug connection system between the drive unit and the TS door control. This takes GfA’s existing plug and play installation to the next level.
GfA also presented a new patented torque bracket and spring tensioning device which allows spring tension to be checked on installation and during maintenance visits without the need to remove the drive. This feature is designed to reduce premature failures of drive units due to incorrect spring tension and to make the maintenance of sectional doors quicker and simpler.
The SE 8.65 Fi drive will be available in the UK from spring 2016. To express an interest or discuss applications contact a member of the GfA sales team on 01926 452452 or email Download a datasheet here.
Review of R+T Stuttgart by Andrew Collett

At the end of February door industry companies from around the globe met together at the leading trade fair R+T. GfA UK managing director Andrew Collett was in attendance and provides this review.
“What I noticed when looking around R+T 2015 was that our industry is evolving rapidly and products are becoming more innovative, sophisticated and hi-tech. It was interesting to see a completely wireless door solution presented by one of our partners, GTE and customers I spoke to were particularly impressed with GfA’s own innovations; the new SG40 drives and the Bluetooth enabled diagnostic tool we mention elsewhere in this newsletter.
“Whilst not everyone will use these innovations immediately there seemed to be a recognition that GfA looks to the future and is keen to work with customers to embrace the opportunities presented by technological advancements.
“High speed doors were still at the forefront of energy conservation measures and it was pleasing to see our own high speed drives used on many of the doors on display throughout the fair.
“Talking to customers it was clear that despite the instability, both economically and politically in parts of the EU, in the UK at least there was a degree of cautious optimism, with order books looking healthier than in the recent past. This is always good to hear.”
New diagnostic tool for your service teams and fitters

GfA-Stick – a new diagnostic tool
for your service teams & fitters
Plug the stick into the control panel
to read fault & performance data
Interface with mobile devices
GfA presented a new diagnostic tool at R+T 2015 as another step towards improved efficiency for customers using our products. Fitters and maintenance engineers can now use the GfA-Stick and accompanying GfA+ App to independently read and display information from our control devices on their smart phones, tablets and other compatible devices.
The Bluetooth stick plugs into the limit switch ports on our TS 959, TS 970(S2) and TS 971 control panels. After successful connection, the identified control appears on the smart device display and the data can be downloaded. In addition there is an area where free text can be entered which could include data  relating to the panel’s  location, the contract number etc
The user can then easily discuss the findings with our technical support team. All data is saved in the GfA cloud via 3G/4G or WiFi and accessible at any time through the GfA web portal.
An ideal tool for maintenance engineers the sticks could also be left with a building’s facilities management company when the door is installed, allowing the door company to assess and diagnose an issue remotely.
The data accessible on the GfA+ App is viewed on five clear pages:
  • General: i.e. serial number, software version and current temperature
  • Current programming: The current settings of the TS door control programming parameters
  • Last faults: Displays the last six faults
  • Events: A record of the last 128 events
  • Saved programming: Saved program settings can be displayed even after the door control has been reset to factory defaults.
The last ten read out records can also be displayed.
Download the GfA+ App and GfA-Stick datasheet here. Or talk to our technical support team about supplies of the GfA-Stick for your maintenance teams or customers. Call 01926 452452.
New German website launched
 At R+T Stuttgart GfA Germany launched a new website which includes an innovative customer portal.  The plan is that all parts of the GfA group will follow the same web design and functionality, so watch this space.  In the meantime please continue to use the GfA UK website for all product details and datasheets -